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How To Unlock Nextbit Robin For Free Downloading On PC Or Cell

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The mystery about how to unlock Nextbit Robin mobile phone devices is finally revealed. Some ways can certainly remove the SIM card and network restrictions and limitations put on your Nextbit Robin handsets in a very short while.

Now you don’t have to pay a lot of money so that you can have a mobile phone gadget that can work on any SIM card in all the continents on our planet.

Nexbit Robin


And sometimes the handsets can well replace the need for the computer, but why pay all that money when you can buy a locked Nextbit Robin mobile phone device and then remove the SIM card lock using your tools or methods.

The craze for removing the Nextbit Robin locks and the network locks started a few years ago. People began to realize how major of a setback a locked cell phone device is. That is why, after many considerations and thorough analysis the experts came up with the three most reliable SIM card unlock solutions.

No. 1

Maybe the safest solution for Nextbit Robin unlocking is this quick fix tip. All carriers have the unlock Nextbit Robin codes for all mobile phone devices that they sell. Sometimes, like in the case when you buy the cell phone device only, the carriers to not put the network or SIM card lock, but in all other cases they must lock your handset and they do that by activating the already build-in and installed the software. For every lock activation, they keep and unlock code or unlock pin, which normally consists of eight to sixteen numbers and letters combined.

Once your contract with them is over they can unlock your device using that pin if you fill in an application form for SIM card unlocking. You can also make this request sometime before the contract is done. If you don’t ask you will never know. The strategies for SIM card unlocking could be different in different countries and different mobile phone operators. You can easily get the unlock pin or you can never get it at all until your contract is over.

Unlock Guide

It is an either-or situation and if you don’t get lucky with your carrier’s policy you can go and ask a different carrier to remove the lock that prevents your device to function on other mobile phone networks than the original one. This alternative is not very useful as you will have to promise the new carrier to use their mobile phone services from that point on. That means that you will see nothing of the ling sought-for SIM card Nextbit Robin freedom and you will be back to where you started.

So, this quick fix has both positive and negative aspects and the most positive aspects are based on pure luck and well-arranged circumstances. The solution here is not universal and may work for some users but not for others.

Quick Unlock Nextbit Robin Method no. 2

This solution is all about the unlocking tools that you have to buy online. With these specifics, the online tools can generate your unique Nextbit Robin network unlock pin which you must enter correctly and rightfully to erase the lock on your phone so that you will be able to use it freely in every country you go to and on any mobile phone network that you think is the best. The paid SIM card unlocking services are many.

This is never a good thing although at first, some may have the impression that they have plenty to choose from. a good one-third of that “plenty” use similar names to legitimate tools only to trick you into downloading and paying for their software which is not only unfit for removing any Nextbit Robin locks off your mobile phone devices but can often be so harmful that can damage your handset’s software for good. You must choose carefully before you decide to trust one of these tools.

No. 3

This SIM unlocks Nextbit Robin tool fix from this page is for free. Like the quick fix no 2. This solution is also a software application tool. But it works in a slightly different way than the paid network unlocking fix. Maybe the only difference is that with the paid method you will have to wait for a couple of days to get the unlocking pin and with the free method you will get the pin in a significantly short time.

Unlock Nextbit Robin Guide Step By Step

  1. This tool you will find very easy if search on Google.
  2. Click two times on the cell phone unlock tool to open.
  3. This time take your mobile phone device, the one that you want to unlock, and connect it to your PC. To make this connection use the USB cable. That came with your phone. Or any other USB cable whose mobile phone port matches the size of the USB port of your phone.
  4. Wait until the Nextbit Robin unlocks tool recognizes your mobile phone.
  5. Next, fill in the needed specifications ( the IMEI, the carrier, the country, the model and brand of the device, etc)
  6. Hit the “unlock” button and wait for the unlock code to be sent on your email address.
  7. Write the code down on a piece of paper very carefully.
  8. Power off your Nextbit Robin handset and carefully take out the excising SIM card.
  9. Replace the existing SIM card with another SIM card of the same size but from a different carrier.
  10. Power on your handset and wait for the code request to appear.
  11. Since the “new” card is from a different carrier. The demand for an unlock code or authorization code will promptly show up. This is where you must enter the unlock code you received on your email address.
  12. Check if the code is entered correctly and hit “ok”.

From that moment on your Nextbit Robin, the mobile phone will be permanently unlocked. You can use it on any SIM card. Not just the SIM card you used when you inserted the unlock Nextbit Robin code. You can use it anywhere on the planet Earth.