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How To Use Xbox One Controller On PC Full Guidelines

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The Xbox one already had an amazing gamepad. However, the Xbox One Controller is a step forward. The controller of the Xbox is in a matter of fact is preferred by many PC gamers who always want to play their games with a keyboard and a mouse thanks to the rubberized analog sticks which provides the much-needed grip and the directional pad which is quite useful in fighting games. All in all the controller for Xbox One is worth every single penny.

Currently, Microsoft is taking things slowly making the controller pc without the wires, but on the other side, you can easily use it to play your favorite computer games with an Xbox One Controller that is wired in.

Driver Installation For Xbox One Controller PC

First Boot Up your Computer and connect it to the internet. You will need to download and install the proper drivers depending on your Windows version:

  • Windows drivers for 32-Bit – Download Here
  • Windows drivers for 64-Bit – Download Here
  • Once you have the drivers, connect the controller

Once you finish the installation of the drivers, connect the Micro-USB cable to the controller and then connect the controller into your computer’s USB port. If everything is ok the controller should vibrate. So if it does not vibrate, then we suggest that you try a different Micro-USB cable or different USB port.

You follow the instructions as described you should. Not have any problems using the Xbox One controller on your computer. We have and special guide here. If you like to get unlimited Xbox games for free. Go here to learn how to work this Xbox live code service for any device. Xbox games are the best in the world, and I play Xbox. All other devices are zero when will according to Xbox one.


To do this, just hold the Xbox One wireless controller sync buttons on the console and the controller simultaneously or attach the controller to the console using Micro USB Cable.