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Android Development Tutorial For Any New Android Developer

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Here you can find the best android developer tools that can help you to become the best beginner in android developer profession worldwide. The apps for Android phones grow in number and variety every day. The demand for new and different apps for the Android phone is enormous and new and successful Android app developers emerge every day? if you want to become one of them then I am glad to inform you that there is a beginners course available for all interested. With this course creating new Android apps can be fun, exciting and very easy.

Android Development Tutorial Beginners Course For Android Developers

If you are interested in this area of work then you surely know how much Android apps are necessary for the everyday life of the Android users. With this course, you will get the chance to make a difference in the lives of Android apps users. The beginners’ course for Android developers includes several stages.

This will be only the beginning for you because once you start building apps of this kind you can only move forward and even make a lot of money. A couple of apps you will create at the end of the course can be shared with your friends on social networks, so the fun is guaranteed with this course.

Android Developer Tools

Why Is This Android Developer Tutorial Course The Best Choice For You

Well, there are several reasons and lots of benefits if you take up the Android app developers’ course. Once you take and finish this course you will become a tech-creator. New perspectives and opportunities for the new, unlimited carrier will open for you instantly. You will be pressed by no limitations, deadlines and expensive fees. If you take this course you will get a chance to earn a lot of money from your own home. You can be your boss and expand your business as much as you like.

The statistics show that Android phones will become devices where in the future people will first connect to the internet. Let’s not forget that the Android operative system is on over 80 % of smartphones all around the world. This gives you ample opportunity, chance, and motivation too. You can research what each population likes the most and target your apps for a designated region or you can make it universal. You can create apps for children or grown-ups, for males or females. The options are millions. The world can be yours if you take advantage of this course and become an Android app developer as soon as possible.

What Do You Need To Start The Android App Course For Beginners

So all you need is your goodwill and dedication. You don’t have to have any previous knowledge about programming or technology. We begin from the basics of programming and then build the knowledge in upper levels.

To know the requirements of your computer visit the web page of the Android studio and look under System Requirements. For this no installation is necessary. So you decide to enroll in the course. You will get instructions for installation. Because of the Android Studio to make the process extra simple for you.

Guide How To Use Android Development Tutorials To Become Android Developer

Below you will find some info about the syllabus of the course to help you decide your next step:

Lesson- how to build layouts. So this means that in the first lesson you will get your hand-drawn designs for an app. Lay the designs on top of the mobile’s screen. So for Android for texts and pictures or images. The first lesson is most of the time interactive. So you can communicate with the demonstrator or other fellow course participants.
The practice bit of the first lesson includes creating a birthday cards app for your Android phone. First, you will install the Android studio and will use the concepts you covered in the lesson to create the birthday card app.
The next lesson involves using java to create an app for ordering coffee. Then first you write in Java a few statements and buttons to start events, and in the end, you will have to create a tracking concept for all coffee orders.
The practice part here is all about reinforcing the things learned in the second lesson. Here you will create a baseball score tracking app.

So the last lesson of the course is about working with the Android Framework and the Control Flow. Then here you will upgrade your coffee ordering app and improve it. Finally, you will enrich the app with more details too. If you learn these three steps in android development tutorials you will become the best android development.