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Android Operating System Switchable With Every Device

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People of all ages have been obsessed with every Apple gadget and their mobile devices for quite some time. They used the iMail, iTunes, eMac, Mac OS for all their needs. Children learned to type on eMac, send their first emails via iMail, made their first funny videos via iMovie, organized their party songs on iTunes, and developed their computer skills on their Macs.
The world was swept off its feet.

Owning an Apple machine was the ultimate goal for every household from 2000 onwards. Up until recently, Apple didn’t have any competition whatsoever.

The reliable experience that the system offers is surely a rival to Apple. As times goes by the Google operative system casts a shadow over Apple with the many innovative ideas and unique wearable technology like the Google glass featuring optical head-mounted display and the recently announced Google watch.
According to research people tend to be more Android operating system-oriented in the last two years. This statement is supported by the fact that Apple faced a downstream line in their profit chart in 2013.

Android Operating System


To answer this question, I will explain in a few paragraphs bellow why it is so beneficial to use the multiple functions of the Android operating system base.

First I am going to start with the most obvious thing when it comes to the Android operating system mobile phones. Surely you have noticed the three buttons at the base of the phone, the three buttons became a trademark of the Android operating system mobile phones.

For those you have been Apple oriented all their lives may want to know that the buttons we are describing here also touch-sensitive no matter if the Android operating system cell has a qwerty keyboard or touch screen keyboard. Now let’s go through the functions of each separate button. If you look fro left to right, the first button takes you back to the last activity you did. Some people call it the back button as it takes you back one step at a time. But if you press this button for a little while you will get access to your browsing history, the sites you visited most frequently and also your bookmarks.

The next button is in the middle and represents the home button as the icon itself suggests. Whatever you may be doing on your cell phone, pressing the home button will immediately take you back to the home screen. No matter if you are browsing on the internet, writing an email or adjusting your alarm clock, pressing on this button saves you many clicks on the first button and immediately takes you back to the home screen. Once you are back to your home screen you can choose whatever is it you want to do next. This button gives you speed and diligence and can be helpful on many occasions.


The last button, the third button from the left, is the multitask button. When you press on this button you will access a list of applications that run on your mobile and are active. You can use this button to move from one app to another without going in the home screen menu, or simply close a running application if you no longer use it.

When it comes to home screens, similar to Apple, Android operating system phones offer you multiple ones too. If the need arises you can work with up to five home screens at a time.

Android Operating System Benefits

In the following lines, I will try to explain more about customizing your Android operating system device. First of all, whenever we buy a new technology we need to familiarize ourselves with the terminology the manufacturer has opted to use. Some of the terms may be similar but others may confuse. For example, don’t get perplexed by the term LAUNCHER. It simply represents the customization of your home screen, the way it is arranged. The launcher displays your information in a very greatly-fashioned way.

These two provide enough space for you to put in your dock. They come with their design and navigation.

In the end, it is always fun to mix things up a little. Apart from the launcher, you can also customize your wallpaper, home screen, and lock screen. You can set any picture you want in the background. The android operating system also allows you to download a keyboard according to your taste and type from a specially designed keyboard. I would recommend downloading the Android operating system keyboard from Google Play where you can also pick your favorite free live wallpaper.

Another major advantage or Android operating system mobile phones is Google now.


Rooting your Android operating system cell phone is not only possible but it is great too. You can check the catalog with apps available for rooted Android operating system devices and make your pick. So you can download any app from the catalog but also beware of the risk of bricking your devices. You can automatically backup your phone or skip the ads with the rooted Android operating system but it can also influence your warranty. My suggestion is to stick to the proper tutorial in the Android operating system rooting guide to avoid any unwanted setbacks if you decide to root your phone.

What is Google Wallet and what is Google Play?

According to the name itself, Google wallet represents a digital wallet service. Here you can keep safe your loyalty cards, gift cards, vouchers, coupons, etc. you can also use the Google wallet to safely transfer money to your friends.

Google Play is the official Google store. Here you can pick and choose any app you want. You can browse by categories, by popularity or by price. This is similar to Apple’s iTunes which means that Google play allows you to remotely install apps.


Google’s developed Android operating system has such a complex and versatile operating system that is unbelievable. The creators even made it possible to share the Android operating system experience with all Android operating system users. So you can download and share your apps not only on your PC but on your tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Then you can make the download once and use the app whenever you want, you don’t even need an internet connection. You can also share files to other users in the blink of an eye. You can even share your favorite bookmarks through Google’s browser- Google Chrome.

Are there any major obstacles that come with devices?

Update Android Operating System

Battery life is another aspect that potential buyers tend to assess.

Most of these apps come for free so it is worth to try. Another trick to save battery life is to simply turn off the applications you are not using at the moment. They still run in the background and influence battery life. As for the charging, it is much easier to charge an Android operating system cell phone than the iPhone. Android operating system chargers are mini USB cables which you can buy from the closest store.

Many users also complain about irregular updates. If you want to evade this maybe you should think about buying Google’s official mobile phone or tablet, i.e. Four- Star Nexus 5.

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