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Best Free iPhone Games For Fun On Your Apple Device

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According to research, the total worth of the best free iPhone games industry is expected to be over 100 billion $ in the next three years. It is an ever-growing industry with a lot of potential for development and improvement. From the various game types, the car driving genres are still the favorite amongst subjects. There are many driving games created for Apple, but people are not always thrilled by them.


So there often appears to be some defect in the graphics of the game, the gameplay and lots of other flaws that us gamers understand. There are literally thousands of games and the number grows as you read this. When it comes to choosing a certain game the many similar titles may totally confuse you and you will end up with a game that will fail your expectations.

In order to avoid the hustle and bustle of endless online research for the right driving game for you, We have made a list of top five best free fun iPhone games that according to me are worth playing on your iPhone or iPad. All in all, these racing games lack impossible driving lines and unreal obstacles. There are no surreal collisions or Sci-Fi features. The accent is put on the realistic part of game-playing. In addition to this, the games We are suggesting are freemium.

This means that you get to download them and play them for free, but if you want any virtual goods to help you move up the levels then you make payment. Gamers know that playing games of all sorts can be very time-consuming and oftentimes expensive too, so We suggest that you try each of the below-listed best free iPhone games. When your trial period is over just choose your favorite best free iPhone games fun and only then buy some features if you want to make your experience even better.

Here are the five in a row that We recommend:

No1. Real Racing 3

I give this game the first place because it is flawless from so many aspects. This game should be considered as a standard according to which other games should be developed. I would propose that you play this game if you own iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+. The level or lifelike details in this game is at the highest possible scale. The tracks and the texture of the cars and roads open up a whole new mobile gaming world for you. With the Time Shifted Multiplayer, you can play against your friends.

You can even make new friends while playing Real Racing 3. It will take up a generous amount of your iPhone’s memory, especially because there are so many different tracks and vehicles available for loading. You can take your time with each new car and track and as you progress you can download a new set simultaneously. Get rid of the boring apps you hardly ever use and get hooked on Real Racing 3. Don’t let the freemium part of this game scare you off. If you are a patient and disciplined player you will get bonuses and coins as you log in the game every day. You can earn even more coins if you race your friends or perform other tasks.

The coins earned this way are more than enough for enjoying the game. You can use them to buy anything you would normally pay for in other games. You will need to pay only if you want to enhance your performance. The other games are much more limited from that point of view; the bonuses aren’t always as useful as the bonuses from RR3. If you are after adrenalin this is the right game for you. Downloading Real Racing 3 wouldn’t take you more than 10 to 15 minutes, so download it now and start racing.

No2. SBK15

I have decided to place SBK15 second on this list, but only because two games couldn’t share the first place. This game is also extremely lifelike. The detailed and immaculate depiction of details transforms your perception of mobile games entirely.

The developers of this game gave the best in making this game extraordinary. Starting from the background, every single detail is given the due attention including the landscape, the breeze playing with your hair to the shadows the sun forms as it progresses its way in the sky. All this fine scenery is not a deal-breaker. Believe me, if you pass a group of bikers riding at a huge speed and make the wrong turn there would be a great boom and you off the bike. If you take a wrong turn at a corner you will have to put a great effort so you can get back on track. This means that you will be left behind and some of the other online players get ahead of you.

How To Play

This is what makes this racing game even more appealing. Not only is it realistic, but it is also competitive and thrilling. You don’t have to be a biker in real life but you can feel the pressure these racers are under when they are participating in an actual race. It wouldn’t take long before you get addicted to the realistic racing experience that this game offers. If you decide to download the full championship model there is so much in store for you. You will have 15 hours of racing before you complete a season, or in other words a level. Each season, or level, consists of qualifying races and a couple of stage races.

There are also many challenges you complete by racing your friends and a few quick races. After you complete these you move on to the next level and so on. Also, you have the freedom to customize your screen according to your taste. You can choose the controls and make all sorts of combinations.

Another format of this game is the superbike format featuring two race stints. The lowest level is a level mainly for beginners.

The settings are made more moderate so that anyone can enjoy the game before they get used to managing a racing bike. You can always adjust the settings to Medium or Hard whenever you feel ready.

Best Free iPhone Games Top No3. Mini Motor Racing Wrt

According to my experience and my preferences in games, I have decided to list Mini Motor Racing WRT in the third place. It may contain the word ‘mini’ in it, but there is nothing minimalistic about it.

The catch with this game is that it offers a whole new perspective, literally. When you play the Mini Motor Racing you are not controlling your motor from the seat, as is custom. Instead, you are controlling the driving from above, and this is exactly why the vehicles look like little because you see them from a long distance. You operate with a virtual steering wheel but this does not make things easier.

I love the effort put in the light effects, the sound effects and especially the graphics. This is also a freemium game, but if you are a really good player you may not need the extra upgrades available. In case you want to upgrade some features in Mini Motor Racing the in-application buys are quite high for my standards. They can be as high as £80 which doesn’t mean that it is a lot for some players. That aside there are many more appealing features this game has to offer.

For example, if you want you can invite your online friends to play Mini Motor Racing and if they accept your invitation and install the game there are some rewards for you, which is a great way to earn some features without having to pay for them.

Best Free iPhone Games Top No4. GT Racing 2

Even though I am giving GT Racing 2 the fourth place that doesn’t mean that this game is no good. I ranked it as fourth simply because in comparison with the first three it has some minor flaws many of which come from the fact that GT Racing 2 is too similar to Real Racing 3.

The only thing is that in comparison to Real Racing 3, GT Racing 2 looks like a really bad copy. It is a bit frustrating that the developers didn’t take their time and add some original features in this game. I understand that the concept may be had to stay pretty much the same, but at least they could have tried to make some changes.

Also, I have a few words to add about the graphics in this game. In my opinion, the graphics aren’t stunning and the developers could have done a slightly better job with it. The view inside the car is not flattering and very restricted and the hood view is not available here like in Real Racing 3. Let’s not kid ourselves; this still is a great game offering many championships, upgrades, mechanics, challenges and so on.

The engine here is what I love the most, as the driving stimulation it offers is simply riveting as is the cornering. Also, the game offers in-app purchases which can make your racing experience even better if you are willing to pay. In GT Racing 2, like in Mini Motor Racing, (the third game on this list), the maximum freemium price is 80 £.

That is never appealing for me because I don’t believe in spending small fortunes just to play a game, but that shouldn’t stop you from paying the maximum premium price if that’s what you really like.

Best Free iPhone Games Top No5. Beach Buggy Racing

Last, but not least, is the game Beach Buggy Racing. I have decided to put this game on my list of 5 best racing games for a few reasons. First of all, I love the setting of the game. It is a lovely island with beautiful, exotic birds, interesting weather conditions, amazing sunsets and I could go on forever.

Like Mario Kart 7 this game too has some pretty cool features. Like for example power sand sliders, forgiving psychics, and amazing weapons and so on. All this amazing fun plus in 3D. The 3D option, however, is only available for people who own at least an iPhone 5 because if your model is older there would be some pauses that wouldn’t make the experience all that enjoyable.

You can play Beach Buggy Racing by tilting your phone by using the touch screen commands. The experience is the same. I especially love the 3 D effects on the waves, rain, waves, and waterfalls.

Final Choice

You can play this game for free even though some goods need paying for. If you are not that great of a player then you might need to wait. It is only normal to feel tempted to make an in-app purchase did it is worth it.

This is the best free iPhone games that you need to play on your Apple device. Try these fun games to make your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPod even more great device.