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Best iPhone Apps and Games For Each Apple iPhone Model

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Hello and welcome. In this post, we will do a summary of some of the newest, most efficient and the best iPhone apps and games and iPad devices. The indicated prices are correct and the acronym “IAP” stands for in-app purchases.

If you need more recommendations you can always go back and read the previous post about the Top iPhone Apps and Games but if you are going with Android then you should check the Top apps for Android. Now let us continue with the selection of this week.

Best iPhone Apps

The current database on the Apple Store is quite large but as you already know not all the apps are popular or as efficient as they seem to be.

Due to this, I want to introduce to you the best iOS apps at the moment which will be quite handy to you will be able to find good use of them. These are cool iPhone apps which are meant to be used by all students, businessman or ordinary people. Most of these apps for the iPhone are in good shape meaning that they are stable and work extremely well and the system is fast and easy to navigate. In this post, we will make a selection of what are considered to be the 10 best iPhone apps for the year 2015.

Our goal is to introduce to our readers the most useful apps for several categories such as apps for business, social networks, and apps for games. Every single app has been already tested so while you read the description feel free to download it as well.

Best iPhone Apps

Ruby by Glow (Free)

This app was first brought app as a startup and app at the same time meant for women who need to track their period cycles and fertility. Ruby by Glow is an app whose main focus is on sexual health and it is not only targeting women who are trying to conceive but every other female individual as well.

A Game of Thrones: Get into the Books (Free)

Already at its 5th season and at its peak of popularity the show is finally starting to overtake the books which lead to reverse roles when it comes to delivering plot spoilers putting the show lovers ahead of the book addicts.

iPhone / iPad

MyHeart Counts (Free)

It is not a new app, but it has been only recently introduced in the UK. It is part of Apple’s program which tends to encourage people to share their medical findings and data with academic researchers. Probably the title of the app itself reveals the purpose of this app which is to track all of your physical activity and run tests about your fitness levels and then share and compare the data with the one from the Researchers from the Stanford University.


National Theatre Backstage (Free + IAP)

If you love going to the theatre while living in the UK then you must check this amazing app released from the National Theatre which offers a full digital agenda for its plays and posts updates about the current and ongoing productions as well as videos and shots from rehearsals and interviews with famous people such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Danny Boyle.


Axel Schaffer’s Flip Flap Jungle (£0.79)

Nosy Crow world-famous children publisher have already explored the idea of digital flip-book. Well, this app brings along an incredible and picturesque illustration made by Axel Scheffler and depicting powerful animal hybrids along with poems to accompany them.

iPhone / iPad

Numerous (Free)

Numerous will allow you to check all the important numbers which you have in your life in one place. You can either follow stock or oil prices, check your Twitter followers, check major statistics sheets about different companies or just check some personal stuff. Anyway, this is an amazing app that comes for free.

iPhone / iPad

Yahoo Livetext – Video Messenger (Free)

If you have relatives that live apart then probably you long to have deep and real conversations with them. Well, that’s what Yahoo Livetext is all about offering you the unique opportunity to enjoy full and natural Real conversations. It has a properly designed video messaging app along with a built-in text chat. Give it a try.


FLIO – The global airport app (Free)

If you travel a lot but you have a hard time finding free internet access then this tool is meant for you. FLIO is meant to help users find free Wi-FI spots locations, offers you discount on foods and shopping and it will guide you to stores on each airport.

Bestie by Camera360 (Free)

Few people nowadays are not enjoying taking selfies. I mean basically, this is a worldwide trend. Bestie is an app which is definitively worth taking a look, At first glance, it makes sound a bit silly but this is a really serious tool which offers you amazing features which can help you improve the quality of your selfies and other self-shots and pictures. And the best part is that it offers to filter. Great filtering.

Gusto (Free)

If you love cooking then the Gousto app is something that you need to have on your iPhone. This app will bring along new recipes every week and also will enable you to order ingredients and have them delivered at your home (only for residents of the UK) so you can cook them. You should expect at least 10 recipes a week and there is an option to rate the dishes depending on how satisfied you are from them.

Best iPhone Games

Prune (£2.99)

A game that makes you relaxes and enjoys your time playing it. It takes a little effort to play this simple but amazing game. You are growing your plant with a few careful swipes on the touch screen. It is very easy to play as well as much enjoyable and the best part is that you get frustrated by trying to pass some extremely hard levels.

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon (£3.99)

Its predecessor –Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor was a huge hit on iOS. This game here is its direct sequel and believe me it is worth every praise it gets. Once again you are a spider that entangles insects in a long-abandoned mansion; you are also solving some mind-blowing puzzles and try to get to the gist of the society which has built your residence. It is greatly depicted and we all hope that it will be another iOS hit.

iPhone / iPad

Five Nights at Freddys 4 (£2.29)

If you love horror then Five Nights At Freddy’s is the game for you. It will make you jump out of place. This game has it all, it is creepy and haunting but also fun and addicting and the main goal is to move your demonic creatures to the house of the child hero during the day while trying to resist them during the night. It is brilliant.

Angry Birds 2 (Free + IAP)

Premium game with amazing features. Best free ios games still have room for improvement and we all hope that in the next couple of weeks some of the wait-timer aspects will be fixed.

Roald Dahl’s Twit or Miss (Free)

Almost every child from my generation grew up reading or hearing the Roald Dahl stories. Oh, it brings a lot of pleasant and scary memories of his dreadful creations. In this game, your goal is to cast away food morsels back at Mr. Twit to make sure that Mrs. Twit does not wake up. Also, the precisely done scoring making is another bonus to this game which makes it even more enjoyable and challenging for the kids as well as the parents.

Paradise Bay (Free + IAP)

This is the best iPhone game for free and works on any iOS versions. Take your time while growing your crops, taking care of your domesticated animals and cultivating your fields. The production values are excellent and there aren’t many fermium features but I am sure you won’t mind at all.

iPhone / iPad

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest (Free + IAP)

Before the Fremium gaming became popular the Puzzle Quest was one of the most popular puzzles blended with RPG games. But did you know that Puzzle Quest is popular in 2015 as well? This game is a mix of Puzzle Quest with the popular kids show Adventure time as the title mentions. Nevertheless, it is fun and addicting and it will satisfy the fans of the game and the show. This is the best free ios game I know at the moment.

Operation Dracula (£4.49)

Are you ready for some old school action because Operation Dracula will bring you just that? It has a low 16-bit graphic design but does not get me wrong this does not make it less enjoyable. On the other side in this current era in 2015, it makes it sound like a fresh start. So never mind the old school design and give it a try.

Cosmonautica (£4.99)

If you love space and humor then this is the cool iPhone game for you. Your goal is to wander and explore the galaxy while you are trading for resources and managing your crew.

Farming Simulator 16 (£3.99 + IAP)

And the last but also not least important is the Farming Simulator 16. This game has already built a strong fan base and your gameplay will consist of managing your livestock and crops but with a better feeling and enjoyment that Farmville or Hayday.

Anyway, this is my list and if you like it then please share your experience in the post section bellow. I am always open to critics or suggestions.

Top 10 iPhone Apps

We provide the best iPhone Apps for any iPhone models and iPad any Models. Here also will find and the best Games for your Apple device. For any questions please contact us or write in comment bellow we are here to respond to you. If you have some tips for any cool iPhone apps please send it to us. For us, this is the best iPhone Apps in the world at any time.