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Best Phone On The Market With Instructions On How To Bye It

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If you are looking at the best phone on the market then you are close to bye Samsung Galaxy s6. Probably this is the best cell phone ever, best at all times. Samsung Galaxy s6 has the best hardware, apps, interface, and the best 16-megapixel camera on any cell phone ever. You will feel like a real professional in making pictures when you will start using the greatest cell phone until now.

The Samsung Galaxy s6 is in the top 10 sexiest Android smartphones that you use it until now. The slim handset’s from aluminum edges and feathery 4.9-ounce construction make it a joy to hold. It is available in white, black or gold color. The Samsung Galaxy s6 is for all Android fans who have been seeking a cure to iPhone envy. This cell phone is Samsungs’s most premium – looking mobile yet. He has the best feature – a rich camera and sharp display – the best from all smartphones by now.

The Samsung Galaxy s6 has a battery life long, long 8 hours and 32 minutes of continuous Web surfing over 4G, which is longer than rivals such as the iPhone 6 (7.27) or HTC One M9 (7.14). Samsung Galaxy s6 have shorter battery life than Samsung Galaxy s5 which endured an impressive 10 hours and 57 minutes in all test by now. The Samsung Galaxy s6 has an octa-core Exynos processor whit 3GB RAM. This cell phone has passed all tests in speed – It works quickly of any activity We threw it. So if you want to get the best device you need to buy the Samsung galaxy s6.

Best Phone On The Market


You can have the Samsung galaxy s6 in your hands for these prices :

As a result of the contract :

  • $ 199 (32 GB) ,
  • $ 299 ( 64 GB) ,
  • 399 (128 GB)

On T-Mobile’s un-carrier pricing :

  • 32 GB model sells for $680 ($28.33 per month)
  • 64 GB model sells for $ 760 ($27.50 per month)
  • 128 GB model sells for $ 860 ($27.50 per month whit $200 down)

Camera On The Best Phone On The Market

Best Phone On The Market have the best camera in comparison whit any other cell phone. So the Samsung galaxy s6 has a 16-megapixel camera. If you use this cell phone and its camera everything in your photos will look very colorful also and detailed as it did in real life. You will be able to zoom in and see also individual whiskers in a shot of your dog or pet:). So the best from the best this camera is amazing. If you want to have nice pictures then you need the best phone on the market – Samsung Galaxy s6.