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Family Xbox One Game Sharing For Free With Downloadable Link

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The popularity of digital downloads of games has made some interesting issues. If you like to find options for Xbox One game sharing to your family or friends we here have a good solution to make this very easy for you. For example, with the older gaming consoles, all that was necessary to play the game was to put the CD in it.

However, now in the digital downloads era, you can play the game only if you have signed in with the proper account credentials in your console. If you are the only person in your house who enjoys playing games this should not be troublesome and you can even allow your family members to play on your account from time to time, but if you want to keep your progress through a game this, of course, will not be convenient.

How Work Xbox One Game Sharing

On Xbox One you can resolve this issue quite simply. There are several gamer-tags in use on the console and once you do this. You need to set the Xbox One as your “home console”. The very first time you sign in onto the Xbox One and save your password it will become your Home Xbox.

So this, of course, can be changed at any time. Now if you are wondering why this is useful it is because in this manner you can share games and downloadable content (DLC) which you buy from the Xbox Games Store with every person who signs in onto the console.

This means that anyone who will be playing on your console with a different account can play the game you have downloaded. To learn how to share Xbox One games in family console please follow these steps below.

Share Xbox One Games In Family Console

  • So if you own Kinect, go to “Xbox Settings. Other than that, Settings My Games and Apps.
  • Then find and choose My Xbox which is on the left side of the screen
  • Also, choose My Home Xbox
  • Finally, choose to Make this my home Xbox to assign that console as your home Xbox

And that’s it. Once you set this, anyone who uses your Xbox with a different account can play the game you have downloaded. In this way, you do not have to bother managing individual saved games. Don’t worry that someone will overwrite your saved games. You like to get some games for free. Then read this guide here for Xbox Live Code Generator to learn how to work.

Please note that it is possible that you can assign only one console at a time as your home Xbox. It is possible to change the “home Xbox” three times in a year. Every time you change home consoles all the licenses of the device for the digital content. It will be transferred to the new “Home Xbox”. It will not be available on the old one. Have you tried this? Do you think this is a great addition to the Xbox consoles? Let us know in the comment section.