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Good Funny Pranks Information To Use Them For Fun

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Pulling up a good funny prank is always a great way for instant mood improvement, a good laugh with your friends or a hilarious memory. No matter the age, funny pranks are always very popular. With today’s addiction to technology, people found ways how to pull really good funny pranks ideas on their friends.

We have collected nine of the funniest and the most harmless words that were posted on various forums and sites on the internet. To save you the time searching for them separately we have decided to share with you the nine most hilarious funny pranks you can pull on your best friends’ phones.

Funny Pranks No1.

The autocorrect option can prove to be handy at times but it mostly goes on the nerves of the texters. This is why we chose to play precisely with this option in our number one funny pranks. This is what you do: hit settings and pick general, then hit the keyboard and ADD SHORTCUT. If you have iOS 9 beta you will find TEXT REPLACEMENT instead of ADD SHORTCUT. Here is where the fun begins. Pick frequently used words like ‘hi’, ‘bye’, ‘love’, ‘miss’, ‘thanks’, ‘ok’ from the shortcut or text replacement section and insert a really funny word in the Phrase section. For example, replace the word love with hate, so when the person types: LOVE YOU, the autocorrected option will be HATE YOU.

Funny Pranks No2.

People love texting each other that’s why our second funny pranks are all about texting. The most nerve-wracking thing about texting is when you wait for the person to finish typing their text. You see the three dots or whatever it is that indicates that they are typing and this can sometimes last forever. Well now you can get back at all your friends who let you stare at the screen waiting for their extremely long response. Just type GIF and let the funny pranks begin. For example, you write: “ OMG the most awkward thing happened today at work. The boss called your name twice.” “[INSERT GIF]” and lean back.


For the next, you will need to hit SETTINGS-ACCESSIBILITY-LEARNING-ENABLE GUIDED ACCESS. Open any app and click on the home button three times. With this you set a secret passcode, a method normally used to childproof your phone. Now your friends will be quite annoyed because they would have to ask for your secret pass before they could abandon the app.

Funny Pranks No4.

We all know how frustrating can be when your phone freezes. No matter when this happens it always seems to us that it happened in the most dramatic moment of our life. To burn your friends a bit with a frozen screen you will need to screenshot the HOME & SLEEP/WAKE button of the homepage. Then remove all apps from the homepage and leave the homepage empty. You can move the apps to another page or in a folder. Next, put the screenshot as wallpaper and see what happens. There may be some shouting and hitting the screen in vain hope for it to unfreeze. If you see that the situation gets out of control put your friends out of their misery. Just stay near the door, tell them it was a funny prank and run for your life.


In this funny pranks, we will use the lovely voice of SIRI. Rename your friend with a funny name and command Siri to call him. If you don’t want a Siri funny pranks pulled on you must disable access to Siri from the lock screen.


This funny prank is one of the oldest funny pranks that people pulled on mobile phones. Old as it may be, it’s still very funny and it can never fail you. For example, switch your name with the name of your friend’s boss in the phonebook of your friend’s phone. This can take a few moments so be careful not be spotted while handling your friend’s phone. Send him a horrible text and call him soon after. It may not be so funny for your friend but you will have a great time for sure.

Funny Pranks No7.

This one I named the grumpy funny pranks ideas. Well, your friends could be more than grumpy after this funny pranks, but it’s worth to try. Again, snatch your friend’s phone for a minute and open the alarms option. This funny prank is slightly naughtier than the rest, but it’s worth it. Set the alarm early in the morning. if your friend wakes about 8, then set the alarm at 3:30 a.m. pick the most horrid alarm tune and record his reaction if possible. Set the alarm from Monday to Sunday and if your friend doesn’t figure to turn it off he will be up each morning at 3:30 at the sound of your funny pranks.


Download an image with damaged screed from Google play. These wallpapers can be found for free so you needn’t worry about having to pay to pull this funny pranks. Go to Settings- wallpaper. Replace the current wallpaper with the broken screen one. Watch the horror on your friend’s face until he/ she realizes it is just a prank.

Funny Pranks No9.

The last are about color inversion. To perform this wordjust hit SETTINGS then GENERAL and ACCESSIBILITY. There you will find the option Invert Colors. Click on the home button three times and see the colors of your friends’ phones inverted. It may freak them out at the beginning but I think your friends will figure this one out quickly.

Here you have the best funny pranks ideas on the internet. Make your best funny pranks whit our pranks ideas information.