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How To Fix A Cell Phone Speaker That Got Wet Using Simple Methods

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You are probably wondering how to fix a cell phone speaker that got wet if you recently had a “wet” accident with your device. An accident that happens to every cell phone owner at least once in their life! We are witnessing that funny situations happen all the time in which our phones end up in water or some other liquid.

The penetration of liquid into any part of the mobile phone can cause serious damage and problems. In this text, we will focus mostly on repairing the speaker of a phone. A speaker that for any reason has been exposed to unwanted ingress of liquids. We can tell you from the beginning that there is a serious chance that you will help yourself and fix a cell phone speaker that got wet on your phone if you follow our instructions below.

How To Fix A Cell Phone Speaker That Got Wet

There are several common situations when our phone ends up in the water. The funniest of them is probably the case when you are in the bathroom and suddenly your device falls into the toilet. There is a high probability that at least once in your life you will drop your mobile phone while washing dishes, while walking by the sea or lake, in the bathtub, in the toilet, in a glass of water or Coca-Cola.

How To Fix A Cell Phone Speaker That Got Wet

In most of these situations, your phone’s microphone or speaker suffers the most. In many types of phones, these two different devices (microphone and speaker) are isolated in one place. For this reason, it often happens that your phone works by performing all its proper functions. All parts work, except for the work of the microphone and the speaker or at least one of them.

Guide How To Fix It

Below I will share experiences on how to fix a cell phone speaker that got wet. Understandably, if you have previously immersed it in water or some other liquid.

  • As soon as possible after watering your mobile phone, try to dry it with a hairdryer. It is advisable to remove all parts of the device. Remove even those for which you need to remove the screws that hold the components together. This is the only way to get the most out of your fluid intake. If you use this technique you should know that the chance for your provider to service your phone for free is almost impossible. Keeping in mind that most phone shops do not repair water damage for free, this is your only chance.
  • Do not rush to turn on the phone as early switching on can cause additional damage.
  • Place the disassembled device in parts in a box of dry rice. Allow the phone to dry there for at least 24 hours.
How To Fix A Cell Phone Speaker That Got Wet With Rice

After this time, turn on the phone and say the prayer that helps you the most. If you follow the instructions, there is a good chance that you will be able to successfully fix a cell phone speaker that got wet or microphone along with all its other parts or functions.

However, do not give up prematurely the possibility of requesting a free repair from your operator. Use this chance if the phone is still under warranty after you will try the methods written above!

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