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How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone Through Gmail

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Here you will receive all instructions to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone through Gmail or through “Move to iOS”. In case you change to iPhone or whether you previously moved from Android to iOS, you might need to move all your Android gadget contact numbers, photographs, music, recordings, schedule, and so on to iPhone and guarantee that nothing is lost during this cycle.

Moving your contacts, applications, information, and different records from Android telephone to iPhone isn’t basic. Google assumes an imperative part in it. Indeed, even Apple additionally gives an Android application that guides you in this cycle.

Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone Through Gmail

There are various strategies accessible for moving contacts from Android telephone to iPhone. In this article, we will talk about some of them.

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone

Assuming you have a Google account, Google Contacts Service gives you a straightforward office to reinforce your Android’s telephone contacts over the Google G-cloud. From that point, you can reestablish every one of your contacts with the new iPhone. This cycle doesn’t need to download or buy any exceptional programming or application. We recommend you use this method how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone!

Above all else, go to your Android gadget Settings > Account and sync > Google > Sync account > Sync Contacts and tap on Sync presently button (choices might fluctuate contingent on gadget or model). This will back up your Android contacts to Google’s G-Cloud.

Open your iPhone and explore Settings > Password and Accounts > Gmail. Assuming it requests an email address and secret phrase, enter it. Presently, turn the On (empower) Contacts switch button to match up right away. Whenever the synchronizing system gets done, all your Android contacts are saved in your iPhone’s Contacts App.

Reestablish Android Contacts On iPhone Through “Move to iOS”

The Move to iOS Android application permits you to move your contacts, camera photographs, messages, recordings, and different information from your Android cell phone to your new iPhone by laying out a remote association.

Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone

It is amazing that the Move to iOS Android application just chips away at a new iPhone. It implies this strategy possibly works on the off chance that you are involving your iPhone as another gadget. Assuming you chose to set up your iPhone as another iPhone, you have expected to erase every one of your information from your iPhone. To do this, visit Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings and begin once again.


  1. At the point when you begin setting your iPhone interestingly, you will see a page Apps and Data after a couple of arrangement steps. At this time, on this page, select a choice Move Data from Android, this will create a code that is expected to go into the Android telephone.
  2. Soon, download and introduce the Move to iOS application to your Android telephone.
  3. Send off the application on your Android gadget. Click Continue, concur the agreements to get to your contacts, messages, and so on. From that point onward, click Next to enter the code into the screen. In a short time, enter the code which was created in Step 1. Trust that in a couple of moments will see the Transfer Data screen on your Android telephone.
  4. Pretty soon, select the substance which you need to move from your Android telephone to your iPhone. Then hold on to finish the exchange interaction. It will require some investment to get done contingent on the quantity of content you chose. Tap on the Continue button to complete the Android interaction. Then finish different strides of arrangement on your iPhone to partake in the information move.
How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iPhone Through Gmail

Use the easiest and the best method on how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone through Gmail!

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