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How To Unlock A Stolen iPhone 4 Using IMEI Generator

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Here you can learn how to unlock a stolen iPhone 4 device for free thanks to the latest innovative software that is capable to unlock stolen phone devices.

It is a common mistake that most mobile phone users make when it comes to keeping or removing the SIM card restrictions on their devices.
Some don’t even consider the option to remove the SIM restriction and go on with a SIM-locked mobile phone device until the rest of their lives. Others discover that there is a way to remove the SIM lock and rush to pick the first service that comes along the way causing irrevocable damage.

How To Unlock A Stolen iPhone 4

That is why, if you have the same SIM lock issue as many users from the whole world, read this article and consider all the pros and cons for SIM unlocking your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s device. Find out what the best service providers are, and where to find them or contact them. Otherwise, you may forever regret the decision you made about unlocking your fancy Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s mobile phone device.

The most trusted services to unlock iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s are all around us, if, of course, we know where to look. They can be found online, down the street, in some shabby shop we never noticed it existed, etc.

Not all of them are legitimate and not all of them are great. But there are such SIM unlock services than will remove the SIM lock on your mobile phone device, will charge you nothing for the service and they can do this for all known mobile phone devices no matter how modern the cell phone is.

The services can generate free unlock codes for all Windows, Android, and iPhone cell phones. Other services can unlock your device by using an unlock cable and the third option is buying a SIM-unlocked mobile phone device.

Unlocked iPhone 4 Stolen Device

As the name itself suggests the SIM unlocked iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s devices can work on any SIM card, issued y any carrier in the world covered by all mobile phone networks on the planet.

This is extremely convenient for all users as they will never worry about roaming costs and overseas phone calls, they can change the SIM cards they use any minute if they want and soak up the best mobile services for the week or the month. With the SIM-free mobile phone devices, you have the freedom to sell your device without worrying that the buyer will return it for ill-functioning.

How To Find Unlocked iPhone 4 Or iPhone 4s

You cross out this option before you even consider it and move on to the “pay as you go “option or “the contract “option. With the “pay as you go option” you must use the same SIM card over and over again and top up when needed.

How To Unlock A Stolen iPhone 4 Or iPhone 4s

To unlock your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s mobile phone device by an unlock code you can use several routes. Route one would be to ask for your unlock code directly from the carrier you signed your two-year contract with.

The carriers will see what they can do for you. Keep you as their client and it is expected of them to come up with some options. It is common knowledge. Most of the carriers will remove the SIM lock they placed on your mobile phone. For a small amount of money. As long as you have completed at least 12 months of the agreement. If it was signed for 24 months. Or at least 6 months of the agreement, if it was signed for 12 months.

To be more precise, let’s look at the SIM iPhone 4 unlock policy of the Vodafone network provider. They tend to charge users for 20 $. In exchange for the iPhone 4 IMEI unlock code. If the users haven’t completed half of the predicted months stated in the contract. (In some cases 6 months, and in most of the cases 12 months).

If you have completed the whole contract then Vodafone will give your SIM unlock code for free.

Similarly, the O2 mobile phone company offers to sell you the SIM unlock code for 15 $. If you haven’t finished half of the contract. In cases of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s devices, users get to buy the unlock codes for 15 $. No matter how near its end the contract is.

Unlocking Operations

Another way to obtain your unlock a stolen iPhone 4 code is to ask around the mobile phone service shops, where specialists perform all types of services.

Alongside the high street SIM unlocking services, are online software solutions too. These can generate the code you need promptly enough and form that point on you can continue unlocking your device by yourself. This is the best way how to unlock a stolen iPhone 4 solution!

Regardless of the code- generating method you will choose there are a few things that you need to know before you start this procedure. First, you must know the exact model of your Apple iPhone device.

And, third, you must know your IMEI number. The IMEI number identifies your iPhone 4 among all other mobile phone devices. It is a complicated and longish number that is printed in various places. The quickest way to find it is to dial *#60# from the device whose IMEI number you want to know.

Without these details! No one will ever be able to help you remove the SIM lock off your stolen iPhone. 4 or iPhone 4s mobile device.

How To Get Code For Your Stolen iPhone 4 Device

  1. This tool you will find as a result of a search on Google.
  2. Then open the software on your device. So you can download this software on any computer. Lap top. Tablet or cell phone. That work on any windows, mac, Linux, Android or iOS operative system version,
  3. Finally, click on the unlock code button,

Final Unlock Stolen iPhone 4 Step

Let’s assume that you got the SIM to unlock code one way or the other. What’s next?

The next and final step. It would be to finally remove the SIM card. The one that has been too long in your mobile phone. Remove it with a fresh one, from a different network provider.

At that moment we will see a request to enter an unlock code, passcode, or SIM unlock password. It may be called with different names, but you already have it. Enter it without making mistakes and use the symbols * or # whenever the code consists of a letter in it. Click on the “submit” button and with that you officially and permanently removed the SIM lock on your handset. Here you have the best procedure on how to unlock a stolen iPhone 4 mobile device for free.

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