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How To Improve Battery Life on Any iPhone Very Simple And Easy

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We here in this short tutorial will explain to any readers how to Improve Battery Life on iPhone. Recently there were complaints from users who have upgraded to iOS 9. On the internet is rumored that the battery life has been affected to different extents for different users. If you are one of those users who are currently experiencing battery issues here are a few suggestions:

Improve Battery Life On iPhone

  • Disable all non-essentials

Of course, the Wi-Fi, as well as the Bluetooth, are the main culprits to blame when it comes to draining the battery. If you are not disabling them when they are not needed then at least make sure that your iPhone or iPad is not connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth by removing them from the lists of previously paired devices.

If you turn off the cellular that will mean that you will be unable to receive email notifications or app alerts but on the other side this will improve greatly your battery life. So if you want to disable the cellular data just open Settings Cellular and scroll the Cellular Data slider to the left- to OFF position.

If you do not want to take such drastic measures then perhaps you can choose which individual apps can send and receive data when you are not using your phone. Open Settings General Background App Refresh to choose which apps will be allowed to refresh them using your Internet connection.

Improve Supports

Furthermore, it is good to know that the OS of your device uses background data transfer for various things such as sync iTunes Purchases, Photo Stream or iCloud Backups. If you do not need them you should turn these off.

To get app notifications, Internet access is necessary, so turning some of them will help you reduce battery consumption. Open Settings Notification Center and turn off notifications for some games and commercial apps.

Improve Battery Life On iPhone

While AirDrop does not need access to the Internet. It may be using your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios. To check if there is a compatible device nearby. You can disable it through the Control Center. Which you can access by flicking upwards from the bottom of the screen.

You can also check which apps have recently used GPS. Just open Settings Privacy Location Services. ATrn of the location services for apps. You do not require it like the promotional ones. Which detects every time you are close to a brand outlet.

Another method to do this is to manually close all apps that are running in the background to make sure that they are not spending precious battery life.

Check the visual effects

In iOS 9 many new visual effects were introduced, from which most were animations for screen transitions and wallpaper which shifts around as you tilt your device. You can disable them by going to Settings General Accessibility Reduce Motion.

You can also save on battery life by reducing the screen brightness level. Control center can help you adjust the brightness of the screen according to your need and you can increase it when needed. Just make sure that when setting on the auto that it does not waste too much energy.

Reinstall, Reset or Restore

If disabling notifications do not make any changes in the battery consumption levels. Then you can always try to reset your device. Some users have claimed that by resetting /restoring their devices through iTunes they have received better results.

If you want to reset your device but to save the current apps and data the way they are you can simply go to Settings General Reset. So if you select Erase All Content and Settings this will put your phone to factory condition. These methods do not improve the situation. You can do a full reset connect your iPhone to a computer and use iTunes to reset it. By resetting it in this way a brand new copy of iOS 9.3 will be installed on your phone.

One more thing to Improve Battery Life on iPhone

You should note that you do not have to charge your device at all times but only when necessary. On top of that do not leave your device plugged in after it reaches 100%. Make sure that you cycle the battery from time to time. Allow the device to cycle a couple of times. After the iOS 9.3 update so the battery indicator can be adjusted properly. We hope to help you to improve battery life on your iPhone. If you have any questions please write in the comment below we will respond to you.