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International Gift Cards Service Workable On Any Gift Card Type

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The International Gift Cards Tool is maybe the best software application tool there is on the internet. It is simple to use. Its easy to download and install, and what is best about it, is that is free of charge.

If you ever wanted to know how these international gift card points exchanging tools worked. Here is the least with the full instructions from the beginning of the process to the end itself.

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How To Use The International Gift Cards Tool Complete Guide

1. The first step of this procedure would be to click on the link provided in this article and download the International Gift Cards Tool on your computer device:

2. Next, you must click on the downloaded file, which is not yet the tool, and start the installation procedure,

3. When the installation is finished you need to click on the tool once or twice and it will open on the screen of your computer device also,

4. You will notice also that you need to answer some questions, which have everything to do with the exchange process. For instance, if the gift card has a serial number or ID number you must provide it in the corresponding field. Also, you must state what’s the gift card balance check type that you wish to exchange for cash. Which retailer did you get it from and what is the sum of money the gift card is worth,

Final Steps

5. So next, you must pick an option: buy/ sell. As you may guess the International Gift Cards Tool deals not only with selling but with buying gift cards as well. So, if you ever feel pressed for time and you forgot to buy your loved one a present you can open the tool and get them the best gift card they deserve,
6. The following step, if you are selling the gift card you own, would be to state how much of the money would you like to pull. You can exchange the entire value of the gift card or just one tiny portion,
7. Below this field you will spot may the most important field of all: the account where you wish to receive your money. You can provide your bank account, and if that sounds a bit risky you can always go with your PayPal account which is the safest way of money exchange anyway,
8. Click “Exchange” and check your account,
9. Finally, the money should be there after only two short minutes.


The International Gift Cards Tool can be installed on any computer device, on any model of tablet and laptop. Since last month, the International Gift Cards Tool can be successfully installed on your smart mobile phone device too.The fact that it can work on all operative systems applies. Not only for the operative systems installed in computers like windows, Mac and Linux! It’s for the operative systems installed in our modern mobile phone devices as well, like for example, Android and iOS.

International Gift Cards

With the “buy” and “Sell” options that the free International Gift Cards Tool offers you can try some trading. You can earn some extra money if you are a good trader.

The tool can be downloaded no matter where you live. It also sells and buys a gift card from all retailers around the world. So you are going to have a lot of fun with it.

Just try it out and get back at us. Feel free to leave your comment on the official web page. You can use the blogs where a lot of questions are been asked and answered about the Gift Card Exchange Tool. This software will never let you down. As long as you make sure that the WI-FI you’re using is strong.