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How To Unlock Blackberry Torch Any Model For Free

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The problem with the unlock Blackberry Torch locks is not a new one. It exists ever since the carriers decided to activate it whenever a user agreed to sign the contract and to use the carrier’s services for a year or two and in return to obtain a Blackberry Torch mobile phone device.

The deal is fair for both sides: the user gets to have a great smart Blackberry Torch mobile phone for the lowest price possible and the carrier has a user which must use their packages and services for at least twelve months.

About Unlock Blackberry Torch Issue

Of course, you can prevent the SIM card Blackberry Torch lock problem from the beginning, before you purchase your smart mobile phone. Note that, even when you are buying from second-hand merchants the unlocked Blackberry Torch mobile phone devices are always much more costly than the locked devices. The reason for this is simply the freedom you have to use the network service that you like the most.

When you buy the device directly from the shop and you are the first user of it the prices can be enormous.

The only way to get a cheaper Blackberry Torch smartphone directly from the carrier’s store is to make a contract with the mobile phone company. This way the price of the gadget can be as low as nothing. Thus these deals seem very appealing and inviting. You can have the gadget of your dreams and that would not affect your Blackberry Torch monthly budget. The low point of this deal is that the gadget will be SIM card Blackberry Torch locked.

Some carriers remove the network restrictions some months before the expiration of the contract. To check if your handset needs to undergo a SIM card Blackberry Torch unlocking procedure and you don’t want to contact the carrier’s offices you can run the different SIM card test.

If the device works normally with a dim from a different carrier then you no longer have a network or SIM card limitations. Your locked period is over and now you can use your phone as you wish. If the software of the device will not open and demands some pins or codes then the message is clear to use a SIM card from a different carrier you must unlock your Blackberry Torch device.


Other carriers will be happy to help you with this issue. They also have the same software program with which they remove the SIM card locks of their Blackberry Torch phones too. So, if you run to them with this problem they will probably offer to use their software unlocking Blackberry Torch tool in exchange for something else. You will receive a SIM card unlocked mobile phone device only to lock it again, but only this time to another network provider.

If you don’t like this scenario you can always check the internet for the unlock Blackberry Torch codes. It is very important to know that your unlocked mobile phone can only work on GSM and CDMA networks which anyhow represent the majority of mobile phone networks in the world. The free online codes though are not too promising as they can only unlock the cell phone devices in 90 % of the cases, the other 10 % are users who failed to SIM unlock their Blackberry Torch handsets and blocked and barred their smartphones for good.

If you don’t want to risk with the random Blackberry Torch codes available online then you can use the paid unlocking Blackberry Torch tools for generating codes. Most of these tools can be downloaded for free but you have to pay for the unlocking Blackberry Torch code only.

Sometimes you ought to make the payment at the beginning of the unlocking Blackberry Torch process i.e. the moment you start downloading the tool. To successfully use this unlocking tool you need to find your IMEI number and the mobile phone’s right model. You must insert these details when you open the unlocking Blackberry Torch tool and then wait for the network unlocking Blackberry Torch pin.


Don’t mistake at least one of the details asked of you to enter before ordering the unlock code. The unlock code you will receive will not match the SIM lock on your device. You will not be able to remove the lock. In this case, your money will not be returned to you as the blame for the failed SIM unlock attempt is in you and not in the functionality of the paid unlocking tool. Before you decide to trust any of the paid unlocking tools do a little research and verify that the paid SIM card unlocking tool you will use for your mobile phone is not a spam but a genuine on.

The other solution that is also inviting and tempting for all users with SIM locked devices. This is the free SIM unlock Blackberry Torch solution. The free solution is also valid. Many users managed to unlock their devices with the free tools available online. The free Blackberry Torch cell phone unlock software tool can be downloaded on your computer. A few minutes needed. It is not bad to try this tool if you want to SIM unlock your Blackberry Torch device. Because you have nothing to lose with the free cell phone unlock software tool.

It has many positive sides. The best one of which is that it is always available for free. For the residents in all countries around the world. The free cell phone unlocks the Blackberry Torch software tool will generate the unlock Blackberry Torch code. Quicker than you can imagine. The instructions are very elementary and simple. You will have no trouble following them. Once you read them here, in this article.

In short, the complete instructions for using the free cell phone unlock software tool are as follows:

Unlock Blackberry Torch Step By Step Instruction

  1. This tool you will find very easy if search on Google.
  2. Open the free cell phone unlock the Blackberry software tool and provide the specifications demanded. Not every field needs to be filled. Only the fields marked with the (asterisk) * sign are mandatory and relevant. These details are the IMEI number. The carrier. The country where your mobile phone device was bought from. The model of your mobile phone device.
  3. To connect the cell phone device that is SIM locked to the computer. Where the free cell phone unlocks the software tool is installed you will need a USB cable. It connects your mobile phone and waits for the tool to identify it.
  4. Check if the details you entered. Are they correct and factual? Start the code generating process by clicking the “unlock” option.
  5. Check your e-mail after a few minutes for an email. From the free cell phone unlock Blackberry Torch software tool. Containing the unlock code for your handset.
  6. Turn on your mobile phone containing a SIM card from a carrier. You need to be different than the one that put your lock on your phone. This time your phone will not immediately show the opening screen. But will ask you for an unlock Blackberry Torch code. Enter it and click “ok”.

Unlock Blackberry Torch Supported Models

  • 9860
  • 9810
  • 9850
  • 9800

The unlocked Blackberry Torch mobile phone device is always more beneficial than the locked one. Here you have the best solution on how to unlock Blackberry Torch mobile phone device for free from your own home.

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