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How To Unlock HTC Desire Free By Generator Service

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Here you can find the best way how to unlock HTC Desire for free by unlocking HTC Desire code generator software available for downloading bellow on this page. You probably are eager to find a way to unlock your HTC Desire as much as the next person if you are reading this. Luckily for you, you are finally on the right track and here you will learn everything that there is to know about unlocking mobile phone devices.

How To Unlock HTC Desire Free Information

The unlocking process was always a bit taboo because people were uninformed. Today, we have a different approach and methods that bring the unlocking procedure closer to reality. Pretty much the unlocking process is similar for every mobile phone with some slight differenced from model to model. Although, there are many tools on the internet promising the successful unlock of your HTC Desire I decided to recommend you the Unlock HTC Desire Generator Tool.

I have chosen this software application tool because it is very precise, easy and simple to use. Other tools are way more complicated and not everyone can cope with them.

Also, you can get this tool for free if you decide to click on the link below which will take you directly to the unlocking page where all you have to do is click on the “download” button. Another software tool may also cost a lot of money and some of them have additional charges until the unlocking process is completed.

Unlock Options

With the Unlock HTC Desire Tool, there are no hidden costs. It is exactly as advertised. All you need to do to precede the unlocking process with Unlock HTC Desire Generator Tool is to find the IMEI number of your mobile phone.

I am saying the mobile phone because this tool can unlock pretty much any known mobile phone device but it is especially good for unlocking HTC Desire mobile devices. With the Unlock HTC Desire Tool, the success of the process is guaranteed and no failure ever occurred. The unlock operation is always permanent so you will gain a lot if you decide to download and install it on your computer.

How Does The Unlock HTC Desire Generator Tool Work

They found a way how to trick the strict carrier’s data system and enter it. So, the tool works from within the carrier database where it places your HTC Desire device in the group of white-listed never-locked carrier devices.

To do so they need your IMEI number. If you fail to provide the correct IMEI number then do not expect the unlock process to be successful. The IMEI code is a must because it serves as an alternative title to your HTC Desire, or for any other mobile phone device.

All mobile devices ever produced have different and unique IMEI numbers, much as people have different and unique ID numbers. Sometimes you can see the IMEI code consisting of 15 digits and other times it can consist of 16 digits.

You can get the only IMEI number of your HTC Desire if you call the carrier’s service and customer support and ask for it, or just visit the store. There are instances when this trick in the book did not work that’s why there are other alternatives:

Unlock Desire

  • You can find your IMEI number printed on the box your HTC Desire came in.
  • If you bought your HTC Desire from a second-hand retailer, from an online shopping service or a friend and did not get the box, you can always check the back of your HTC Desire’s battery for the IMEI code.
  • Another way to track the unlock IMEI code is to use your own HTC Desire device. You need to enter the settings icon of your device and search for the option “General”. Open the “general” field and roll until you find the title “about”. When you click here you will get a list of details about your HTC Desire amongst which your IMEI number as well.
  • If the previous method sounded like too much you can also dial *#60# and the IMEI will appear on the screen of your HTC Desire.

When you find the IMEI write it down carefully on a piece of paper or save it in a new notepad document on your computer. Since the IMEI has the most important role in the unlocking process with the Unlock HTC Desire Tool you must not take this information for granted. You shouldn’t start the procedure at all before you know your IMEI.

Now that you have the correct IMEI number that represents your HTC Desire‘s identity you may go on unlocking your device. Follow these instructions and share with us your results:

How To Unlock

  1. This tool you will find as a result of a search on Google.
  2. Then click on the application to install it.
  3. Also, the next step involves connecting your HTC Desire to the computer where you installed the Unlock HTC Desire Tool. For the most stable and secure connection between your HTC Desire and your Pc using a USB cable.
  4. Then open the Unlock HTC Desire Tool with a single click on it. Wait for the dialogue window to open and read carefully the data asked of you to enter in each of the fields provided here.
  5. Finally, once you are sure that all the data has been correctly entered click the “unlock” button. The unlocking procedure will start instantaneously, however it may take a day or two before the complete process is over and done with. This is a relatively short amount of time if you take into consideration the magnitude of the unlocking process. Also, other unlocking tools may take weeks and sometimes even months before they can deliver what this tool will in two days maximum.
  6. Check your e-mail after the first 24 hours because that’s the amount of time that most users needed to unlock their HTC Desire devices. After that amount of time, your HTC Desire will be officially unlocked and you can enter a SIM card from any carrier you want.


First of all, you can download the Unlock HTC Desire Tool on any computer you want or you have at home. It doesn’t have to be Mac or any other model of Apple PC. You can download it literally on any model of the computer of any brand. The tool works fine on any operative system so that is no obstacle to consider at all.

Second, you need to be aware that all HTC Desire models don’t have the same SIM slots. Consequently, all network providers don’t sell the same size of SIM cards. For example, T-mobile may have only the standard size of SIM cards, the TNT could have the micro size and Orange could have the macro-sized SIM cards. Often enough the carriers have all three sizes but before you decide to unlock your HTC Desire and to switch to a different carrier check this information on your own.

Third, you don’t have to change your mobile phone number. It could be a pain in the neck notifying all of your contact in your phonebook that you have changed your number. Maybe next month you will decide to use the services of other network providers and go through the same again?!

Well, I suspect that you wouldn’t want that that’s why I want to let you know that there is a way around this too. All you have to do is get your PAC code from your old network provider and you will be good to go. Normally the carrier’s customer support service will take up to 24 hours to process your request of keeping your old mobile phone number.

Unlock HTC Desire Generator Tool Can Solve

  • 828 Dual Sim
  • Dual Sim
  • 626 (USA)
  • 626s
  • 526
  • 520
  • 520G+ Dual Sim
  • 326G Dual Sim
  • 820s Dual Sim
  • 626G+
  • 626
  • 526G+ Dual SIm
  • 826 Dual Sim
  • 320
  • 620G Dual Sim
  • 620 Dual SIm
  • 816G Dual Sim
  • Eye
  • 612
  • 820q Dual Sim
  • 820 Dual Sim
  • 820
  • 510
  • 516 Dual Sim
  • 616 Dual Sim
  • 210 Dual Sim
  • 310 Dual Sim
  • 310
  • 816 Dual Sim
  • 816
  • 610
  • 501 Dual Sim
  • 700
  • 700 Dual Sim
  • 601 Dual Sim
  • 501
  • 300
  • 601
  • 500
  • L
  • P
  • Q
  • 200
  • U
  • 600 Dual Sim
  • 400 Dual Sim
  • SV
  • X
  • VT
  • XC
  • VC
  • V
  • C
  • HTC Desire

Benefits Of The Unlocked HTC Desire Cell Phone

HTC Desire devices are perfect as they are. After all, that is why they are the topmost sold mobile devices all over the world. But you are still missing on a lot if your HTC Desire device is locked. You probably came across some apps that you couldn’t get from the carrier store. It is in human nature to feel attracted to everything that is forbidden and those apps where the apps that seemed most incredibly awesome and appealing.

You can be ahead of everyone else with the coolest and newest apps from the Apple Company.

You can get all of that if you decide to unlock your HTC Desire with the Unlock HTC Desire Tool.

Also, when your HTC Desire is unlocked you can switch networks every month if you like. You can choose the networks according to their coverage, the deals they offer every month, the data allowance in the monthly package, the free calls, texts, etc. this way you can save up to 300 $ in less than a year.

Unlocking Instructions

On many occasions, we pay a lot more than we should. By a contract, we are obliged to pay for the 1000 texts or 1000 talk time and very often we do not even use half of that. At the end of the month, you pay for those services even though you did not need them. If you unlock your HTC Desire you can pay for what services you need and use in the current month.

If you decide to go abroad then the unlocked HTC Desire is the right deal for you. You can use any SIM card in the world on your HTC Desire. this is especially convenient if you are about to stay in the foreign country for a while and you can get a domestic SIM card from a domestic carrier, insert it in your HTC Desire and use it as if you bought it from there.

In the event of having to sell your HTC Desire. You will never feel robbed if you unlock it before you sell it.

You will never regret unlocking your HTC Desire with this unique software. So it is best to solve how to unlock the HTC Desire problem issue.

Best Unlock Desire Future

So it is easy to manage and simple to use. It is free of charge and the unlock that it provides is official, legitimate and permanent. People who unlocked their HTC Desire devices always tell the story about the re-locking of their HTC Desire once they opened iTunes.

This is the cheapest. The most convenient solution for all HTC Desire users. Who has had enough of the restrictions that their locked devices faced? Waste no more time. Roll up your sleeves and start the unlocking process today!

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