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Apple iPhone Screen Repair Guides With Instructions What To Do

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In this post, you have all the information and instructions on how to use the iPhone screen repair service. Here you can choose the best way and option for your iPhone screen repair procedure. On our page now you can read all the options for this problem worldwide.

iPhone Screen Repair

iPhone Screen Repair Options Guides

Have you just broken the screen of your iPhone and think you have lost it forever? Don’t worry we have not only one but five ways to solve this problem. It is not a rare sight to see a person carrying an iPhone in their hand whose screen is completely busted.

You would think how clumsy all those people are and just the next minute, the smartphone you have slipped from your pocket or your hand, gets knocked down from the coffee table or the nightstand and before you know it you become the owner of a smartphone with a shattered or at least cracked screen. Sometimes the crack is not that big and is doesn’t obscure the work of your device, but it is still annoying. If you are bothered by this just carefully read the 5 repair options listed below and fix the screen of your favorite mobile device.

How to repair your iPhone’s screen- option 1

The first thing that will surely cross your mind is the Apple Company. In some ways, this could be the best option as the replacement screen would be 100% genuine, no doubt. However, if you visit Apple to consult about this problem you may end up disappointed. The repair fee may throw you back more than you expected.

You will agree that it is quite a large sum for an iPhone screen repair only. Now, these circumstances pose the question: what else can I do to repair the screen of my iPhone?

How to repair your iPhone’s screen- option 2

The second option would be to hit the High street and look for high street retailers. Many iPhone services work on solving these problems, and frankly, most people would prefer this option rather than the online solution. They would go directly to the store and take off what’s on their chest with the store manager. The whole personal interaction can be very comforting and reassuring.

Of course, there is always the option to go back to the store and complain if you are not satisfied with the service you paid. One of the most trusted High Street chain stores is the Timpsons. They have over 1400 stores 412 of which offer iPhone screen repair services. Compared to the official Apple repair fees the Timpsons fees are significantly lower. For instance, you can pay for your defect only 49.9$ if the device you want to repair is either unlocked iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s.

This price applies to these two models of iPhone devices only. On the other hand, if you want to mend your iPhone 5s you may have to pay up to 85 $, depending on the degree of damage, of course. Still, if you are looking for a replacement screen for your iPhone 6 or your iPhone 6+ this retailer wouldn’t be able to help you.

On the plus side, there are plenty of other retailers on the High street that may be able to help you.

Screen Repair

The others maybe not so well known as Timpsons here but some of them could be good. On the negative side which, not-that-known, iPhone screen repair retailer you should trust your smartphone too. Naturally, you will have doubts and be hesitant to leave their whole life in the hands of a stranger who may misuse all the data that is on your smartphone.

And let’s be honest, a smart phone can contain more of our private lives than we are willing to admit, starting from our identity, bank accounts, purchases, interests hobbies, all sorts of texts and photos. Should these fall in the wrong hands it will not be pleasant for one reason or another. And you can only imagine if the smartphone sent for a repair belongs to a company that makes a lot of money.

Clearly, you can order your iPhone screen repair online and have it replaced in front of you.

There are iPhone parts available on the internet for reasonable prices, but know that the screen you are willing to order will be more prone to cracking than the official Apple replacement screen. In the long term, online bought screens can cost you more than the original Apple screen.

How to repair your iPhone’s screen- option 3

If none of the above options didn’t seem appealing then you may find some comfort on the third option we have selected for you. It is high time to turn to online repair services like MendMyi. Having in mind the busy lives that people lately lead it is no wonder that the online services have grown so much in popularity. People rely more and more on online services and MendMyi is already a household name for the British.

One of the things that cause the highest concern regarding the online service is distributing your iPhone device to and from the distributor.

This additional service is even more attractive to clients as they can track their iPhone where ever it is.

If you have any questions or special requests you have the MendMyi team available 24/ 7 on Twitter where you can make your queries about anything regarding your iPhone. Of course, if you live in Cambridge, Haverhill or Sudbury you can personally take your device to MendMyi shops. One other thing about this service provider is that they use genuine Apple parts and they also perform various tests on the iPhone devices that give feedback if everything is ok with the device. If there are other defects the team of MendMyi will know once they ran the diagnostic test.

iPhone Repair

For your benefit, you will have your iPhone repaired, diagnosed and shipped back to you between 1 to 3 days. The negative aspect of all the great services that MendMyi offers would be, none the less, but their price chart. The fees they have for their services could be a little less for our convenience, but it is what it is.

One other online iPhone screen repair service is the iSmash service.

It is a UK brand and its seat is in central London. You can visit their website and select the repair you want to be done on your iPhone. There are shipping options available for you to choose from: you can pick the “Post in Pack” delivery which will cost you less than 6$ or you can opt for a direct courier. The prices for iPhone s repair by the iSmash Company would cost you about 99$, which is a bit higher than at MendMyi’s, but the repair of the iPhone 6 will be slightly less than MendMyi’s price i.e. 145$.

Option 4

Sometimes you need your iPhone screen repaired instantly. After all, don’t we all depend a bit too much on our mobile devices? If you don’t have time to waste you can always count on the home repair services. If you live anywhere near Zone 1 then there is some good news for you.

The company that you can contact in the emergency is PhoneDudes. So far they are the most reliable iPhone screen repair service. You can call and expect at your home any time that is best for you. The technicians will arrive at the set date and time. It will repair your iPhone, believe it or not, in only ten minutes.

Who wouldn’t want that, right? You can also contact the company on tweeter. They will answer any question you may have about the repair process. Or the iPhone you want to be mended. In the same manner, as MendMyi the PhoneDudes use original Apple parts, which means that they will be a bit pricier than other retailers. However, their prices are modes and range between 69 and 120 $ per iPhone screen repair. Those are the prices for iPhone 4, 5 and iPhone 6, but they still don’t offer services for iPhone 6+.

Option 5

This option is for all DIY lovers. Now and then you decide it’s time to take the matters in your own hands. Do what you got to do. You can find various online solutions about the cracks on your iPhone starting from car scratch removal creams to toothpaste.

The most sought after scratch cream is the 3M Scratch and Swirl remover. One piece of advice before you try out the cream technique: close all ports on your iPhone! If you don’t the chemicals in the cream may cause irrevocable damage.

Other than these DIY options the YouTube video tutorials could prove handy too. Usually, the tutorials are extended and every step of the way is explained plainly and in a simple manner.

You can easily follow the instructions in the video. You can even buy all the tools you need to perform the repair from a shop. They normally recommend it.

Before trying the YouTube tutorial option check the difficulty rate. You don’t want to get stuck with a more difficult method for iPhone screen repair than you bargained for.