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Get For Gift Any App From Apple Store On Your iPhone

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Get for gift any app from Apple store on your iPhone if you decide to use this guide! Because the holidays are closing in, it is again that time of the year when we are preoccupied with finding the best present to give to our closest ones. It is always a very tough decision to make and we always fear that our present will not be good enough. On top of that, we do not want to send the same thing every year so we must carefully decide on what to send.

One great present choice would be to send an Apple Store Gift. Because currently the iPhone and Apple’s devices are at their peak of popularity, I believe that giving a present of this kind would be a total hit.

You can simply send an Apple Store Gift card to someone and later he can decide what to pick. Or even better you can get an app from the Store and send it as a present. The entire procedure is quite easy and simple and will take only a minute of your time.

Still, with this method, you will be able to show that you care and you can even send a personal message to go along with the gift.

iTunes Gift Codes

Instructions on how to Give Gift on iPhone or iPad

  • Get started by launching the App Store
  • If you have not made up your mind you can search the apps.
  • Now purchase the app by clicking the Share icon (you will notice an arrow sign )
  • Now to send it as a gift you will need to go to the share page. Then press the Gift Icon
  • Alternatively, you can change it to whichever suits you the best
  • You can also pick a theme for the card. Once you have selected click Next

If you like to generate for free iTunes codes here on this tutorial will find how will do that. And that’s it. This is how you can send an Apple Store app as a gift on an iPhone or iPad device. It is simple and it is fun. Give it a try!