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Simple Method To Redeem Your iTunes Gift Card For iPhone And iPad

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If you have used them before then you know that the Redeem codes for iTunes are simply amazing. You are able to get almost everything with them, music, apps, TV shows, movies, games and a lot of other stuff directly from the App/iTunes store. So considering the fact that it is already the Holiday season there is a high probability that you may receive some iTunes gift codes from someone.

Redeem iTunes Gift Code

So if you already have an iTunes gift card then it is good to know how to redeem it on iPhone or iPad which runs on iOS 9 or more another version.

Just follow Instructions Bellow

Before we begin you must decide on what exactly you want to spend your iTunes gift code also. It can be a music album, e-book, video, app, etc. If you are going to get a media content then you should use the iTunes store, if is it an app then go to the App Store.

Let’s get started To Redeem iTunes Codes

  • Start iTunes Store
  • Then tap Music from the navigation bar which is on the bottom (If you have opened the App store tap on “featured”)
  • Press “Redeem”
  • Now sing in. Your Apple credentials will be required
  • Now in the menu write in your gift code
  • Press “redeem”
  • Finally, after this, you will be able to use the gift card to buy music, movies, apps, games, etc…

Mac users in some countries are allowed to redeem their gift cards with their built-in cameras.


  • Start iTunes or the App Store
  • Go to the bottom of the page and press “Redeem”
  • Sign in
  • Press on “Use Camera”
  • Remove the label on the iTunes Gift Card
  • Now hold the back of the hard directly to your camera
  • Your camera now will read the code and it will redeem gift code it. After that, you can check your iTunes Store account balance on the screen

Important Note!

So please beware that if you buy something that exceeds the limit of the gift card, the remaining amount will be charged to your credit card. And remember that you will be unable to use “free song credits” if you are making an album purchase. Finally, with this feature, you are only allowed to purchase single tracks.

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